High Voltage Electrical & Lighting Wholesale Product Catalogue 2021

10 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.dietzel-univolt.com Marking the Next Generation in PVC Cable Management Solutions. Enhanced Safety as Standard SLXL LOWER SMOKE. SLXL lower smoke offers an ignition point up to 15% higher than standard PVC Halogens are released at a considerably slower rate Smoke release is reduced by up to 65% in the first 4 minutes of a fire SLXL Lower Smoke Curved Dado PVC- LSF (lower smoke & fume) high impact 3 compartment dado trunking system, with an innovative formula, will reduce smoke emission by up to 65% in the first 4 minutes of a fire. The SLXL-LSF will meet and exceed all standards for the following structured cabling solutions: CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, the latest CAT8 (UTP & shielded) and OM3 fibre. Part Number Description SLXL65/210 LSF 210 x 65mm Lower Smoke Curved Dado CAT6/6A/7/8 SLXL65/210 LSF-LGL 210 x 65mm Lower Smoke Curved Dado - Light Grey Lid SLIA LSF Internal Adjustable Angle - Lower Smoke SLOA LSF External Adjustable Angle - Lower Smoke SLFA LSF Flat Angle - Lower Smoke SLFT LSF Flat Tee - Lower Smoke SLC LSF Joint Cover - Lower Smoke SLE LSF End Cap - Lower Smoke SLB1-A LSF Single Adjustable Box 30mm-50mm - Lower Smoke SLB2-A LSF Twin Adjustable Box 30mm-50mm - Lower Smoke SLCR LSF Cable Retainer - Lower Smoke SLA LSF Conduit/Mini Adaptor - Lower Smoke 210mm x 65mm Profile – 3m Length SLIA SLFA